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We operate solely on donations.

Rehabilitating wildlife requires long hours, money, and supplies. Most rehabilitators, including Raccoon Rescue of the Valleys, work out of their homes and pay for supplies, veterinary care, and formula out of their own pocket--without help from State or Federal agencies. Wildlife rehabilitators are almost always volunteers with full or part-time jobs, or devote their time entirely to the rehab facility. There are many ways you can make a donation: Volunteer your time, donate supplies, or donating money, which always goes toward providing the animals with the care they need, and is tax deductible!

Donate $15.00 and we will mail you a copy of Wild NeighborsThe Human Approach to Living with Wildlife. This book tells you how to handle wildlife nuisance problems humanely and effectively. Just give us a call and we can mail you the book!


Here's how you can donate to Raccoon Rescue of the Valleys:

  • Visit Our Amazon Baby Registry. This provides an easy list of the supplies we need to help rehabilitate raccoons and other wildlife. All you have to do is pick the item(s) you'd like to provide, and choose to ship to the option for Tina L Trudeau during checkout. This way, you know your money is going directly to necessities such as blankets, cages, heating pads, and more!
  • Omivore Zoo Feed. Would you like to provide food for hungry raccoons and animals? Follow this link to gift specially-selected food pellets that RRV feeds the animals they help rehabilitate, and are healthy for raccoons to eat.
  • Animal Nutrition Inc., Milk Replacer. Everyone's hearts go out to orphaned baby animals in need of care! Click here if you'd like to help contribute some nutritional milk replacements for baby raccoons so they can grow up healthy. Choose between 1-20 pounds of formula on the right of the website.
  • Puppy and Pet Incubator (Heating Pad). This incubator is oxygen concentrator-ready, with hookups for oxygen and nebulizing. It enables rehabilitators to regulate the environment to a precise temperature and adequate air flow exchanges, which is critical for the survival of newborn and very young animals.

For all websites other than Amazon, please enter this address as the shipping address:

Raccoon Rescue of the Valleys

Zelia Broyles

671 E. Augusta Ave.

Vinton, VA 24179



Other Donation Options:





 For those who would like to send donation by check to Raccoon Rescue of the Valleys, please send to 671 E. Augusta Ave., Vinton, VA 24179. 

We are grateful for any donation you would like to contribute, and all donations will be used to help the animals.
We appreciate your help!